Why Homestay?

 Living with a Canadian host family is one of the most inexpensive ways to stay in Vancouver or elsewhere because all of your food and lodging is included in one fee. Many of you will need time to get to know Vancouver and how to get around using public transportation when you arrive. A host family can help you with these things as well as other guests living in the House.




Where ever you live there are issues with safety but you are much more secure living with others in a Homestay House as apposed to living alone in an apartment or a youth hostel. There are choices for you to make.

About Cost

At Vancouver Homestay House there are no  membership fees, apartment Take over fees, Furniture rental fees or Hidden expenses like cable TV bills, internet bills, laundry fees or lighting and heating bills. All of these things are included in your Homestay fee and all for one low price.  There are no hidden charges. All of our fees are listed on our Rates page


What Languages are spoken?

Homestay is the only way to immerse yourself in the English language, culture and values. At Vancouver Homestay House you will have to speak English because we only speak English here. *Other people in the house speak varying levels of English but  all are required to speak English. Everyone is treated with respect and it is expected of you as well. As host parents we have a lot of experience with different levels of English. We make every effort to understand and help you.


You will have plenty of time to speak your own language when you are at school, out with your friends, on the telephone, computer chatting, etc. Surely you won't forget how to speak it.


Things you should consider bringing to Canada with you.


We will be your family here in Canada.




*Some exceptions may apply

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