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How to add a site

NOTE: We do not accept links from adult sites, hate sites, hacker sites or any type of site we deem \'illegal\'. We administer all requests and your link will only be accepted if we feel that it meets our criteria. Thank You. 

Vancouver Homestay House has made it easy to add your site, just browse through the categories that best relate to your site. Click the "Add url" button on that page from the category you have chosen. Add your information.

Please submit your sites to the most appropriate category possible. This is important because directory users often drill down to the topic in which they are interested.  If you submit your site to a too general topic, you may get missed by your target audience.

Submissions are subject to the editors approval. URL\'s are only permitted to be submitted once. Please check our database by searching for your domain to make sure your site is not already indexed. If you submit your site more then once you will be banned from the directory. All sites submitted will require a link back to our site. Please use our code below and add our site to your links directory before you add link. We will check periodically to see our site listing.


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