Your Homestay House

 Jenny - South Korea

You always think of us first and you have such  a warn heart that we all feel very comfortable living here. I'm so happy that I could stay with you. Thank you for your kindness. You are our mom and dad in Vancouver. I love you.



 Francisco - Mexico City

I think your home is good for people to learn English. I enjoyed your company and Christmas with you even thought I could not stay longer. I want to recommend you to my agent. 



 Jessica - Taiwan

I lived somewhere else before I came to live here at your house and I was not happy because no one took the time to talk to me. It made me feel very lonely. I was so happy I came to your home. You treated me like I was your daughter. I'll never forget you. Please come and visit me in Taiwan. I will wait to hear from  you.



 Jean - Thailand

 I have always enjoyed your home and  company. I especially liked that you let us cook our style of food at times. I had fun at the parties and met lots of new friends through your home. Also you treat us like adults and let us live our lives as we wish. I am so happy my friends introduced me to your home. Now that I'm going home we can keep in touch and chat on MSN.    



 Rosa - Taiwan

I will always be your friends, I still remember the day I arrived in your home. I will never forget everything you thought me. When I was sad you comforted me, you encouraged me, you gave me confidence, you thought me to think positive and be strong. I feel sad that I have to go home, it is difficult cause you make me feel at home already. I'll chat when I get home.   



 Kurumi - Japan

 I want to tell you something special but I'm not so good with words. I appreciate the way you always comfort me when I have difficulties and help me to solve my problems. Thank you very much for your wonderful meals everyday. I have been here over one year now and I'm so comfortable I do not want to go home but I know I have to.



 Nick - Taiwan

The food you prepared for us was always the best. You are like a small sun shining in the house. your smiles and cares can always cheer us up; moreover because of your hard work, we can always enjoy living here. To be honest, those days when I was living there in your house were definitely my best days in Canada. I really had a good time living there. So, once again, Thank you very much!



 Jennifer - South Korea

 Thank You for the way you treated me while I was here in Canada. You made my stay comfortable and enjoyable. I always new I could come home and talk to you when I had problems and you would be there for me. You were also very nice to all the new friends I met while in Vancouver and you allowed me to invite them home so often. 



 Jose - Spain

 In Harry & Carmen's home I felt as comfortable as I would in my own home. They helped me with my questions about Vancouver. There are a few rules of common sense to follow. Harry & I spoke of ecomony, politics, & social issues & once in a while we had a tasty beer together. Carmen always cooked tasty food & had our clothes cleaned & ready on time. She is a very nice woman. We will remain in touch.

                  Jose's face


 Zulica - Mexico City

 I stay here with you for four months. I only can say you always make me a big smile. I really enjoy your delicious dinners outside in back yard at summertime. Thanks for all the things. I care you. 







These statements are true and correct. Some of the English grammar in these testimonials has been improved for clarity purposes. So there is no misunderstanding of what people are saying. Original copies of these statements are on file and can be seen upon asking. Any farther questions can be addressed by email:


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