homestay in vancouver


homestay in vancouverhomestay in vancouver



         2T      Things you should consider bringing to Canada with you.


    You should bring some music CD's because you may find listening to only English music may not be enough to satisfy your needs.

    You will need medical insurance. This is extremely important in case of illness or injury. You should get this before you arrive in Canada but if not you can get it through your school or at insurance agencies here. More info on Insurance

    If you come in winter bring warm clothes and a good coat because it is cold here in winter. Sometimes it even snows a little. In summer you will want a bathing suit because there are a lot of beautiful beaches here in Vancouver

    If you like pictures bring a good camera to capture memories.

    If you like to read, bring some books in your own language. You may find you will not want to read English books all the time.

    If you think you will buy inexpensive clothes here, you may find they cost the same or less in your own country, here you may get different styles.

    You will need a Backpack to carry your things around.

    You will need $69.00 dollars per month for local bus travel. Vancouver Bus System



We will be your family here in Canada             







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